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Looking for a call centre job?

Get in touch with our specialist Call Centre recruiters for assistance finding a position in this growing field. We use an extensive job-matching program to find you the best role to fit your experience and needs.

Our clients in the call centre industry use Australian Work Force to find full-time, part-time, casual and contract call centre workers in a range of positions.

What’s your experience?

The Australian Workforce office admin division recruits for the following call centre positions:

  • Customer Service – in and outbound
  • Sales and Lead Generation Operators
  • Multilingual Operators
  • Team Leaders
  • Trainers and Facilitators
  • Call Centre Managers
  • Customer Retention
  • Help Desk Operators
  • Workforce Management and Planners
  • Project Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Data Update

Become a priority paid applicant, where we guarantee a job within 6 months – Australian residents only

Our Promise to Candidates:

  • We will look into your job application within 7 days
  • We will reply to you personally within 14 days – you won’t just get an auto-reply
  • We will match your application against all our current vacancies within 21 days
  • If there is no match to a job from our internal system, we hold your application for 6 months to try to match you for other incoming jobs
  • All new jobs are posted on Twitter and Facebook

Why use Australian Work Force to find a call centre role?

We do things differently – here’s how:

  • Our A-Z policy

    Once you register with us, we allocate one dedicated consultant to you, to get a detailed knowledge of your needs and skills. No matter what service you require – training, upskilling or job-placement – one dedicated consultant will be at your service, working as your representative, to look after your interests. Our clients are always looking for reliable people with call centre experience.

  • Candidate Feedback

    We look after our job seekers.

    There’s no better way to find out how our service is working than to ask our candidates. Every six months you will receive a jobseeker feedback form so you can tell us about your experiences using Australian Work Force.

    We promise to respond to any concerns immediately. You can also send us comments via our website at any time.

  • Complaint Handling Policy

    If you have a complaint (and we hope you won’t), it can be submitted through our website. A copy is sent to all senior management, including the managing director. Our company policy is to investigate the matter within 7 days and reply to you within 14 days.

    Find out how to become a priority-paid applicant with a guaranteed job within 6 months – Australian Residents Only