About Us


Australian Work Force has been in business for over 20 years and currently is the biggest of its kind in the country. No matter what industry you are involved in, our total understanding of the complexities and logistics of staffing is your biggest asset. The benefit supplied by Australian Workforce is a seamless and total solution to your staffing requirements.


Australian Work Force is your business partner which allows you to maximise productivity and income as we search for that perfect employee. We provide the very best in employee fulfillment. Our prudent staffing selection criteria and service creed enables Australian Work Force to offer you better service, focus and freedom than other comparable recruitment service companies.

By focusing on these critical areas of staff selection and management, Australian Work Force maximises your working and leisure time. We free you up from the burden of managing recruitment and we guarantee your company will be legally compliant as well as taxation compliant from a staff hire point of view.

We will safeguard you from claims such as unfair dismissal, breach of equal opportunity, minimum wage conditions and under award payments.

This freedom is available to you with a small administration cost and in some cases without added agency costs, where government subsidiary applies.

We offer a top quality service at an affordable price. This is our commitment to you as our business partner. Australian Workforce has a team of committed, experienced and friendly administration staff who implement proven and innovative systems to supply you, our client, with the most efficient and highest quality service. To illustrate this dedication to professionalism we provide documentation of our selection process for your perusal.

By focusing on these critical areas of staff selection and management, Australian Work Force maximises your working and leisure time.

Australian Work Force takes care of all your company and business recruitment needs as our team of professionals manage and focus on your core employment values such as salary expectation, job satisfaction and the ability of personnel to fulfill tasks required.

We call on our 20+ years of placement experience, and select from literally tens of thousands of job candidates suited to hundreds of job categories in permanent, temporary or casual positions. But that’s not all, we also focus on and control for you all the necessary employment compliance criteria such as Superannuation, Work Cover, PAYG, Payroll Tax, End of Employment Procedure, and the like. This is the flexibility and assurance that we provide you as we take on the role of being direct employer. Our offering of total outsourcing solutions is backed by unrivaled experience and service

We Offer A Wide Range Of Qualified Staff – both blue collar and white collar

Fast, efficient and trustworthy recruitment management, often within 2-3 hours, in the case of emergency.
Interviewing, screening, aptitude testing and reference checking – providing efficient and flexible management of your work force.

  • On going liaison
  • Pre quoted project and recruitment management
  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance
  • Contract perusal, advice and management
  • PAYG management and lodgment and work cover management
  • On-going administration
  • Regularly visit your site to understand your growing business
  • Liaise with you regarding the supply and performance of field employees
  • Ensure employees are prepared to work overtime if required
  • Fully electronic cloud based time management system  with customer portal ( 100% paperless)
  • Provide service co-ordination an all matters relating to the supply and administration of our employees
  • Invoice fortnightly (payable within 7 days)
  • Consistently monitor legal obligations in relation to employing staff