Casual To Perm Program

If you are looking for quality long term staff, there is no better way than this.

*Employ a person “ON A HIRE” basis before the person becomes a full time staff member.

Australian Workforce will assist you to find the right person without the large fees associated with “permanent placements”. This could become your usual way of recruiting for your long term staff.

The Program

  • Hire a person through Australian Workforce over three months on a full time
  • Transfer the person to your books for a small fee


  1. No advertising costs
  2. No admin costs
  3. Super fast, often you can have the right person the next day
  4. You can try different applicants until you find the right person
  5. Best of all, by the time you’re ready to transfer the staff member you are in a position to make an informed decision about that person and at the same time, they can make an informed decision about the position they are filling